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Thursday, January 3, 2013

They know nothing.

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

I want to share something interesting to you. Actually, I found this on Facebook and when I read it, it gave a deep meaning. 

"Football is a life-style. [A little long, but worth reading, especially those who play amateur football]
(Credits : Football Trolls & Memes)

...Dirt and rocks... The training is over... Got your bag in your shoulders. Stop and stares the pitch... Dirt and rocks, there's where you play.
Dirt and rocks that made you bleed, that made you fall... that gave you so much happiness.
Rocks that you have inside your shoes, that made you dirt... that are your home.
What shoves you every year to start a new season...

"On Sundays I like to sleep" -say the 'fans'.
"We are never together" -says your girlfriend.
"Better a five-a-side football" -says your friends.
"Think about getting a job" -says your parents.

You think and smile...
What do they know what football means to you. 
What do they know about the emotions that wont let you sleep on Saturday night, about the matches you have played injured, about what you feel when you are the first to hug the one who scored and in a few seconds comes the whole team and every hit you get is a player who comes to celebrate.
What do they know about the times you have run to not be late for training and when going to the training ground watching the team lined and listening the coach. 
What do they know about that goal you have saved in the finish line a few years ago, but you feel it like it happened yesterday. 
What do they know about how you are in tension when the coach choose the lineups. 
What do they know about when you're injured and sitting on bench with your jersey nr.10 and tears in your eyes.
What do they know about the last 5 minutes when your team is losing 1-0. 
What do they know about when you can understand with your friends with just a glance who last 1 second. 
What do they know about what you are thinking when you are doing the stretching before the match. 
What do they know about the security you have when you make the first tackle. 
What do they know about how you feel during the first 30 minutes of first half or after the pain of a foul. 
What do they know how you feel when the player you had to mark scores. 
What do they know about the hits you received... about the dangerous interceptions that you made and about the sincere hand-shakes with the opponents. 
What do they know how you feel after the 10th lap that you have made and hold on each-other shoulders with your friend. 

Nobody stops...we finish it all together...tired, but you made it. What do they know about the hugs you give to each other before you enter in the pitch, that silent hug that means : "We will give our best". 
What do they know about your magics, about the cold showers you did.
What do they know about how much you LOVE this sport, about how much you are related to this team and how much you love them...
Dirt and rocks...a ball...10 persons with you...11 opponents. A long and dry whistle. The ball for a moment passes the midfield and immediately returns. Swapping the shirts. THIS IS OUR LIFE !
What do they know ? - They know nothing."

So, don't you ever laugh at someone's dream because person who did that has no dream. What do they know? They know nothing.

Credits; Troll Football

Suke? Meh Like sini :)

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